Steel Targets For Practice Shooting

Some of the most fun you can have shooting guns is when you’re shooting steel. Avid shooters often say that once you start shooting steel targets, you’ll never want to go back to poking holes in paper. Here at Valhalla Shooting Supply, we’re proud to offer a huge range of steel targets for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for Birchwood Casey or Action Targets steel targets, we’re proud to have a great selection of steel targets for sale right now!

How To Set Up Your Steel Targets

This goes without saying, but setting up your steel targets is all about personal preference. There are competitive guidelines, but the biggest thing that is required if you are shooting against your buddies is simply that you have a good time. The most common method for setting up your steel targets though is to go ahead and create a variation of angles, heights, and profiles throughout your course. This way it keeps your gun moving throughout the course, ensuring that you stay active and can’t get complacent.

How Steel Target Competitions Work

Essentially the goal of a steel target competition is to shoot & eliminate all the targets in a shorter amount of time than your opponent . Each time a target is hit, it will make an audible “ping” and, depending on the type of target, might even fall down. As you make your way through the course, you try to get faster & faster. Seems pretty easy, right?

The catch here is that as you are progressing towards shorter times, so is your opponent. Winning in a steel shooting target battle typically comes down to not only accuracy, but speed. This includes reloading if the two shooters are closely matched. Sometimes to save money the two shooters agree to a maximum amount of bullets, and if things are really intended to even out they will even match up the number of bullets loaded into each clip.