Paper & Metal Shooting Targets

Are you ready to get out to the range & start to dial in your shot? Take a few minutes and swing by Valhalla Shooting Supply for every type of shooting targets you can possibly imagine. Whether you’re shooting at an indoor firing range or out in your backyard, we have exactly what you need to practice your shooting. Our selection of shooting targets includes everything from paper targets to steel shooting targets.

You’ll be able to use different types of targets depending on where you plan to practice, the caliber of your firearm, and your shooting preference. We have a selection of reactive targets to go along with our steel target shooting stands. Choose paper targets for a one-time use & to show off your pinpoint accuracy, or grab a durable AR 500 steel plate target of any shape and size for repeated shooting targets.

Our Favorite Types Of Shooting Targets

Paper Targets

When it comes to the indoor range, there isn’t much that beats a few nice paper targets. There are a lot of different variations of these targets, from silhouette targets to your more traditional bullseye targets. When it comes to sighting in your firearm, there isn’t much that can mean a few paper shooting targets.

Steel Targets

Gaining a significant amount of popularity lately are steel shooting targets. There are an incredible amount of variations of these steel targets, ranging from reactive targets to your more standard steel gong targets. When it comes to repetitive shooting targets, you really can’t beat a high quality steel shooting target. Our personal preference for material is AR 500.