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The Best Kydex Holsters – What To Look For

Probably one of the biggest things to keep in mind when you are shopping for kydex holsters is that you want your handgun to fit safely & securely. The last thing you want to do is cheap out on a universal kydex holster & end up having a sloppy hold on your pistol. Since it is an easily molded thermoplastic, kydex holsters are often expertly engineered to fit a specific model of firearm. To add to that, many of these products also feature adjustability to get the precise amount of tension that you prefer. Since this is almost always a personal preference, the added adjustability is an incredibly nice feature, and well worth spending a few extra dollars on.

Another new feature in recent years that shooters are absolutely loving is the development of a sweat guard. These keep your firearms free of moisture while you are carrying them, and also help prevent direct skin-to-gun contact that causes you to sweat almost instantaneously. Many of the sweat guards also allow for different can’t angles, allowing each individual shooter to essentially customize their kydex holster to cater to their specific preferences. This helps decrease draw time & dramatically increases the confidence you have in both your holster & your firearm.

The Best Kydex Holster Brands

Here at Valhalla Shooting Supply, we’re certainly well aware that being a gun owner that carries every day all comes down to personal preference. That’s why we’ve made sure to take our time negotiating with the best kydex holster brands on the market today, ensuring that we can offer the best products at the best possible prices. We fully understand that you want quality, reliable kydex holsters but that you can’t afford to overpay. 

Whether you’re looking for more budget friendly Blackhawk holster options or a high-end option, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your preferred carry style, we’ve got that on sale as well! From OWB kydex holsters, to IWB kydex holsters, ankle kydex holsters, to pocket kydex holsters, we’ve got them here at Valhalla Shooting Supply!

About Kydex Holsters – An Innovative Material For Shooters

Kydex is a thermoplastic that can be molded to pretty much any shape when it is put under heat. While the kydex material itself isn’t new by any means, it’s use in gun holsters has really picked up popularity in recent years. Pretty much every major gun holster brand now has at least some variation of their products in a kydex holster line. These allow for relatively inexpensive options for shooters, while offering enough flexibility and durability to be very effective in the field. Most people that consider themselves EDC (Every Day Carry) gun owners typically opt to use kydex holsters.