Glock Gun Cleaning Mats

Glock, Glock, Glock, Glock: It's what you and every other shooter has on the brain. The Glock is one of the best, most reliable handguns there is, and your Glock needs protection just like you rely on IT for protection. 

Our Valhalla gun mats are the perfect cleaning mat for your Glock. Whatever generation Glock you own, one of our Valhalla premium gun cleaning mats is definitely the right choice.. Every gun cleaning mat from Valhalla is designed to protect your Glock while also protecting the surface beneath the gun... all at a low price that compares favorably to other premium gun cleaning and maintenance mats. Protect your cleaning surface and and protect your Glock firearms' finish with our Valhalla gun cleaning mats.

Each of our Glock gun cleaning mats is made of 3mm vulcanized rubber featuring a soft, thermoplastic fiber surface to baby the finish of your Glock. We use dye sublimation printing so your gun cleaning mat is scratch resistant, fade-resistant, and oil-resistant. In other words, our waterproof Glock gun cleaning mats are the perfect cleaning surface for your Glock-brand firearms. 

We offer great Glock gun cleaning mats at affordable prices. No matter what Glock generation you own, our gun cleaning mats are right for you.  Compare our Valhalla gun cleaning mats for your Glock to "premium" gun cleaning and maintenance mats found with other manufacturers. You'll find that our gun cleaning and maintenance mats out perform our competitors every time, no matter what Glock firearm you have.

Our Gun Cleaning Mats Are More Than Just For Glocks (And More Than Just For Guns)

Cleaning and maintenance isn't just about guns, however, and it isn't just about your Glock. While our gun cleaning mats are perfect for cleaning and maintaining your Glock firearms, our gun mats aren't just great for gun cleaning. You can protect any surface that you want to keep free of oils, solvents, water, and cleaners with one of our Glock maintenance mats. 

Our gun cleaning mats make a great centerpiece for your desktop or countertop, your workbench, or anywhere else you want to protect from scratches and chemicals. Any surface a soft, thermoplastic fiber surface can protect is one that will benefit from our mats. No work surface, cleaning surface, or maintenance surface is truly complete without one of our Valhalla gun cleaning mats. They're available at low prices, are well made, and compare favorably to even the premium gun cleaning mats produced by other manufacturers.

There's never been a better time to purchase a high-quality Glock gun cleaning mat from Valhalla Shooting Supply. You rely on your Glock firearms to protect you; now rely on our Glock cleaning mats to protect your cleaning surfaces. Our gun cleaning mats can be had at very affordable prices, but they will more than do justice to your high-quality Glock firearms. Let us protect your Glocks and your furniture with our Valhalla gun cleaning mats. They're perfect for any maintenance you choose to  do.

Versatile Glock Gun Cleaning Mats From Valhalla

Your Glock cleaning mat can be used to clean any gun you own, but the best part is that it is never boring. Don't buy just any Glock gun cleaning mat. Buy a gun cleaning mat made of quality vulcanized rubber, 3mm thick, that will protect both your firearm and the surface beneath the mat. 

Our Glock gun cleaning mats are all about protection, just like your Glocks! No matter where you put one of our Glock gun cleaning mats, your Valhalla gun mat will protect everything involved. Our gun cleaning mats are the result of rigorous quality control... and every Valhalla gun cleaning mat we sell also makes a statement when it comes to aesthetics. No boring gun cleaning mats here! Every gun cleaning mat we produce has something bold to say, all in scratch-proof, fade-proof dye sublimation printing. 

The Glock is the ultimate in personal protection. Our Valhalla Glock gun cleaning mats are the ultimate in protection for your firearms and whatever else is in the room. Let us help you protect your possessions while you clean and maintain the device that protects everything else.

About Valhalla Shooting Supply

Valhalla's gun cleaning mats are made to exacting standards and incorporate waterproof, scratch-proof, fade- and oil-resistant dye sublimation printing. Each gun mat features a large, clear image. Mats are made of 3mm vulcanized rubber backing that features a soft, thermoplastic fiber surface. This protects both your gun's finish and the work surface you're performing maintenance on. Every Glock pistol deserves the best, and that's what we provide.

If you like to make a political or philosophical statement while you're working on your guns (or performing any other maintenance for which you need a surface that offers great traction while protecting whatever's beneath it), Valhalla's cleaning mats are a good choice for protecting your gun. Featuring a generous 11 by 17 inch work surface, they offer you plenty of space to disassemble your handgun, shotgun, or rifle (or any other mechanical component).