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Here at Valhalla Shooting Supply, we’re well aware of the fact that branding is often half the battle when it comes to making sales. Whether that means getting people into your store to begin with, or getting people to buy once they’re there, gaining the trust of your potential customers is definitely most of the battle. 

That’s why we’ve gone to such extraordinary lengths to make sure that your customers come looking for Valhalla Shooting Supply products. From point-of-purchase displays to packaging that clearly identifies & explains each product, you have all the resources you need to make that sale.

Dealer Requirements

Outlined below are the basic requirements for our dealers, but not the complete agreement. These requirements are subject to change at any time and at Valhalla Shooting Supply’s discretion. An up to date Dealer Standards Agreement may be requested by filling out the form above or contacting us directly.

  • BRICK & MORTAR.  You must have at least one physical storefront conducting retail business.
  • MINIMUM RETAIL PRICE AGREEMENT. You agree to our “minimum advertised pricing”, where the current Valhalla Shooting Supply price is the minimum advertised price.
  • SELLER CARE AGREEMENT.  Modification of a holster, even by a dealer, will void the warranty. 
  • REPUTATION.  You agree to promote Valhalla Shooting Supply in a manner that upholds the reputation of Valhalla Shooting Supply and to sell each holster complete with its packaging, paperwork and accessories (as applicable).
  • NO AUCTION SITES.  Selling our holsters on auction sites is discouraged and no new dealers using this avenue will be accepted until further notice. For existing dealers using these sites: You agree that the “Starting Bid” and “Buy It Now” price for all Valhalla Shooting Supply products will be at our minimum advertised price. The “Best Offer” option is not to be used for Valhalla Shooting Supply products.
  • ACCOUNT.  You agree to keep your account with Valhalla Shooting Supply in good standing.
  • OPENING ORDER.  To open a dealer account, your initial order must be great than or equal to $750. In order to keep our customers happy and our lead times short, no exceptions can be made.

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